Pure Hemp Earth SW Rolling Papers

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The most natural Unbleached Hemp rolling paper w/the "Pure Hemp" mark

New New New, Pure Hemp Earth Rolling Papers are the new go to for the slow burning unbleached hemp that's even browner yet lighter weight than any Hemp paper out there. Less processed "unbleached" hemp paper means as natural as you can get. Tree Free, Chlorine Free, Grown and then Made in Spain.

Yep. They actually grow their own hemp in Spain. Pure Hemp Earth Rolling Papers were released just in time for Earth Day. That said, you don't have to be an environmentalist to enjoy these wonderful Hemp rolling papers! 

This fine, slow burning brown hemp paper is available in Single Wide size for personal sized smokers. Hemp is stronger than other rolling papers so perfect for when you're rolling short trees. If you're a filter person don't forget the Quintessential hemp filter tip to keep herb bits out of mouth and dreaded soggy ends. 

Readily available in the economical Single Wide size; Roll up with your hands or any 70mm rolling machine.

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