Smoking Supreme King Size Rolling Papers

by Smoking
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Softest king size Smoking Rolling Paper you've ever touched
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Step into unlimited possibilities with Smoking Paper’s new Supreme King Size rolling papers. These are not supposed to be in the US just yet but we had a hookup @ Spannabis in Barcelona so no need to wait for a taste.

With its ultra-soft texture the Smoking Supreme rolling paper will amaze and delight you from the very first touch. This new paper is crafted for a supreme experience in a larger-than-life King Size format.

Each Smoking Supreme booklet packs 33 sheets of ultra-thin lightweight rolling paper, designed for slow burning and featuring 100% natural gum without dyes or additives. The modern design is sure to catch your eye plus, it’s FSC certified, reflecting Smoking's commitment to sustainability and the preservation of biodiversity without resorting to comically large checks.

Be one of the few stateside to experience the grandeur of Smoking’s new Supreme range in King Size! Limited supply so orders are limited to no more than 4 packs per order till the real shipment arrives; on a big boat traveling from Spain to New Jersey.

 Ultra-soft, thin papers from Smoking
 King-Size format: 108 x 44 mm
 Classic watermark
 Weight: 12 gsm
 Made from FSC-certified, recycled paper
 100% chlorine and chemical-free
 Natural acacia gum
 No dyes or additional additives


Added Bonus: Smoking Supreme KS are sustainable just like all Smoking Papers! The FSC® seal guarantees this paper has been manufactured via an environmentally-friendly process. They even plant a tree with every box sold. Win-Win-Win!

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