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Zen Bristle Pipe Cleaners Box of 48 Bundles

by: Zen

Zen Bristle Pipe Cleaners in counter box of 48 bundles Zoom

Zen Bristle Pipe Cleaners Box of 48 Bundles

by: Zen
Counter box of 44 pipe cleaner bundles to vigorously clean your pipe

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Put a full box of Zen Bristle pipe cleaners on your counter and vigourously clean the inside of your pipe or anywhere else you need to poke about with a little scraping action.

Each pipe cleaner measures approximately 6 inches long. Bends and snakes around corners to get to areas pipe tools can't always reach.

While pipe cleaners have many crafty uses, the bristle pipe cleaners are generally not the ones you are looking for.

Counter box of 48 bundles of 44 bristle pipe cleaners each.

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